Craft Beer Partners

We are just like you. We started in our basement with a dream of pursuing a career in the craft beer business. There was only one problem. We are not very good at making the stuff. Although we can’t make the product, we know how to sell craft beer and spirits.

Craft Beer Partners is an advocate for craft brewers and craft distilleries in the local market place.

We know many growing breweries and distilleries can’t afford a full-time rep in the marketplace. We will provide this service for you and be your voice in the marketplace. We’ll be the guy to walk into the bar and ask why your beer isn’t on tap.

You brew the beer and distill the spirits and we will help get it into the consumer’s hands.

Give us a call to see if we are a fit to help grow your operation.

We can be reached at conor@craftbeerpartners.com or 608.509.3367.